Get a Mooove on There, Darwin…

Okay, on the hooves heels of my last post about not giving God the credit for design… from Jim Zee of Vermont Verse…  Thanks, Jim!


14 thoughts on “Get a Mooove on There, Darwin…

  1. What a creative site! I love the photo of the orchard. Did you take that?
    Thanks for leaving comments on my site. That was very kind of you. I was happy to hear you use the pine needles to stretch the mulch too! I keep meeting wonderful folks on here and it gives me great relief to hear so many are doing their part. Thank you!!

    • No, I didn’t take that photo, and I’ve just noticed that that milk cow is udderly deficient! Yes, I’m enjoying your blog! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. The argument is so obvious. Evolution is a religion of stupid people who refuse knowledge. The intelligence within creation had to come from somewhere. The mathematical odds of it just happening are impossible. Evolution has no legs to stand on. It’s ‘ground beef’. That is what a cow with no legs is, ‘ground beef’, get it? Ha Ha! My God is the God of humor also. He laughs at man’s stupidity.

  3. Hey Joy,
    So what is this, mad cows are out now they are geologists, Ha, Ha, Ha.
    Really enjoyed Floyd’s joke about ground beef, nice one Floyd.
    I’ve also just noticed the udderly challenged state of the cow. Obviously not calved yet. I find it amazing just how easily we miss thing like that. I was looking at the spots 🙂
    Bless you Joy and you too Floyd, Geoff.

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