Right On Track!

After some foot-dragging, I’ve added a new page… “How I Came To Christ”. (See 3rd tab at the top of the blog.) I’m glad I wrote it. In 1 Peter Chapter 3, verse 15:  “…but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence…”   I always thought this meant that I was to be able to quote verses from the Bible proving the reason for my hope and faith in Christ. I got kinda worried about that, because I thought, “What if I can’t think of the entire verse? What if stumble and mumble and just generally make a fool of myself when someone asks me why I believe in Christ?” “What if I start quoting the words to a song instead of a verse? …what a friend we have in Jesus…”   Then I had the thought, I could tell my story! I know that! I won’t get that wrong! And no one can refute it. It’s the truth. It’s my truth of why and how Jesus is my Savior. My story is an account of the hope in me!  (In the meantime, back to the Bible…) ;D

The above photo was taken just a block from my house.  This is called the Cowboy Trail, formerly a train track–a “Rails To Trails” thing. Yes, I know a train is on a track there, but that track was added after the other track was taken out…  I know, I know. 

BTW… gosh, so many folks are stopping by here, I really appreciate it and it is such a fun learning experience. Thanks!



10 thoughts on “Right On Track!

    • Hi Jim, yes, pretty much flat and open, but there are still hills and valleys throughout the state, just depends. You’ll find my story if you click on “How I Came to Know Christ” at the top of the blog.

    • The story is at the top of the page under the “How I Came To Christ” tab… at least I hope it’s there! Was the last time I checked! P.S. we can’t have too many “Joys” in the world, can we? 😉

  1. Joy to the world the Lord is come, let heaven and earth rejoice.
    Too many joy’s? Not a chance.
    I read your post, How I came to Christ, I’ll leave a comment there at some later date when I’ve digested it. You do realize that there are so many blanks I have to fill in from my own imagination 🙂
    There things I do know about what you’ve gone through and why. I did enjoy reading it though and can see just how God has turned your life around and brought you to where you are today, I’m glad.
    Nice train shot by the way, unbelievably confusing description, but a nice shot all the same.
    Lots of love and blessings to you my faithful friend, Geoff.

    • hey dude, you don’t need to use your imagination, just ask and you shall receive! ha! We in the US would most likely heard of “Rails to Trails” if that is what you are comfused about. RR tracks were removed, and were turned into trails for public use for hiking, bike riding, horseback riding. I ride my bike along this trail. With some interruptions, these trails are throughout the US. But years after these tracks were removed, tracks were re-laid (in this immediate area) for transportation of Ethanol, a fuel made from field corn. Those are Ethanol tanks on the track.

  2. Joy, LOVE this picture. You caught the very essence of it—with the train and the road and the clouds. It’s lovely!
    Thank you so much for the comments on my blog. I really liked the idea about giving the applesauce out as a gift. I mean, what a great gift. Everyone likes to eat and it’s homemade–REAL applesauce made with real apples. Not that storebought crap. I loved this idea. And the fact I can make it in the crock pot? Even better! Is the salsa difficult to make? Can I make that one in the crock pot too?
    I’m glad you feel the most like yourself in the garden. I do too! It really is like we were made to grow things!
    I’ll make sure my husband sees your comment about how to freeze the tomatoes. We’ll have our work cut out for us this summer. So much fun though!

    • Jennifer, I can send you the recipe for the applesauce. I think your e-mail is on the blog. I’ll make a note to send you the recipe. It is so simple! I made my salsa in a pot on the stove, don’t know if it could be made in a crock pot–. I don’t can it–I freeze it, so it’s not like it would have to get boiling hot, I don’t know. I’ll e-mail you and give you more thoughts. bye!

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