God’s Pro Vision

  • “Pro”:      adverb meaning, “in favor”.
  • “Vision”:  Something seen otherwise than by ordinary sight.  Unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen.
  • “Supply”:  “I will supply all your needs.”  Philippians 4:19.

A hope, a promise… someone we can count on to provide, to supply, to take care of us. 

I believe that God has unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen in the world, in our lives. I’m counting on that with all my life!

We are aware of how expensive it is to just live from day to day–the cost of paying rent or a mortgage, paying utility bills, clothing children, putting food on the table, fuel in the car, etc.  Those are a given, and then, we get hit with doctor bills, car repairs, dental bills, appliances breaking, plumbing problems, household and yard maintenance. It takes a lot of money, and the dollars only stretch so far. If we don’t know how to fix an item, we have to either pay for the repair, or do without.

In the past, when I’ve thought of God providing, I’ve envisioned more cash coming our way–a raise in pay, an inheritance, a check in the mail, but I have seen God provide in more personal, surprising, and tangible ways. We don’t have much extra $, but God has blessed me with His Provision through my husband.  God didn’t send me a rich husband, but he gave me a husband who can fix and make just about anything, and that saves us money we didn’t have in the first place!

Too numerous to list, but I want to share with you how my husband’s abilities and talents from God, take care of us… He knows drafting, carpentry, electrical, some plumbing, and some car repair, plus all sorts of “minor” repairs such as roofing, glass cutting, concrete work, and using heavy equipment for dirt moving and farming. I tell you what, I hand him a list and away he goes…  When we purchased our house 10 years ago, he took two weeks off his job and with the assistance of his father, remodeled our kitchen and bathroom so we could move in. In the bathroom, he installed a new sink and toilet, added a tub surround, laid flooring, put up wainscoting, and added new electrical outlets in every room of the house. In the kitchen, he laid a subfloor, vinyl flooring, ran new plumbing and electrical, drew up blueprints for the placement of cabinets, installed the cabinets, counter top, and removed a window and put in a full view door out to the deck that he built. He has dug and laid forms for concrete sidewalk and pavement and done the concrete work. He has blown in insulation in the outside walls of the house. He has scraped, primed, caulked, and painted the house. He reworked scrap guttering and put that on the house, he replaced rotten wood trim on the house. He removed all storm windows, cleaned and replaced glass, and re-caulked.  When our car overheated, we took it to the car repair shop twice, and finally had to buy a new engine. It over heated again–he brainstormed and removed the radiator and heater core that were clogged and replaced those. (That should have been found by a mechanic!)  He loves to garden. The garden produces an abundance that we are able to not only eat fresh and freeze for ourselves, but also to share with neighbors and the community.  Everything my husband does, saves us in what we would pay in labor–IF we had the money.

God didn’t drop money from the sky, instead he sent me my husband, and that is how He is providing for me. (You are probably wondering what I am doing, my husband would have to write that post!) God gives us our health, our lives, our intelligence, and talents. God even directed us to this house– that’s another story of God’s perfect provision.  In God’s perfect vision, I know that He knows what the future holds for me and He will provide.



15 thoughts on “God’s Pro Vision

  1. Joy, can you send your husband over here? I think my wife could do with someone like him around! Philippians 4:13 is one verse I haven’t quite got a handle on yet….

  2. God gave me a husband who is a good handyman. (He was a farmer and all farmers are improvisors and handymen of necessity). However, now that he is almost 82 and has heart problems, I could use a man like your hubby. On the other hand, of course, God DOES provide and He still provides all our needs and I know He always will.
    What an amazing God!

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