A little story

I have a good friend that I converse with daily by e-mail. She and I have been friends for 48 years, that’s a long time!  We grew up together, and always lived fairly close by. We went off to different colleges, but always stayed in touch. We came back into each others life when I married, and then got together often. She moved across the country years ago, I divorced, and moved… and yet, the friendship continues. There have been many changes in our lives, including philosophical, political, and moral differences. Still friends. Longtime friendships are rare, and I feel as if no matter what, I need to always love her and keep her for a friend. That’s what friends are for. Thick and thin, caring and loving always. Maybe simply because so many things in life end and fall apart, we should make every effort to ensure a friendship lasts to our dying days.

My friend and I  have strong political and faith differences.  We’ve discovered that we don’t “go there” if we want to have a cordial friendship. Would you say that is copping out?  I feel that we have such a history, with so many shared experiences, that above all,  I want to keep our friendship bonded with those memories. I want to dwell on what we have had together, rather than what may keep us apart.  We enjoy and laugh over a lot of “remember whens”.  Not long ago, probably after I was witnessing to her about my faith once again, or maybe it was my viewpoint on a political issue, but she became quite strong and angry with her words. Usually, one of us backs off, and this time it was me. The verse, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”  (Proverbs 15:1) came to my mind and I thought I’d give it a shot.  I said something like:  “I am sorry you are struggling financially and I hope you live long and prosper…” or something to that effect… (apologies to Star Trek fans).  The change in her tone was instantaneous!  It was a miracle! The turn around was so quick I had to laugh!  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed the power of the Word of God work so quickly. It was a delight and a joy. Her tone softened, she apologized and you know, it just made things right.  It was a good thing to do. We aren’t going to agree on many issues, but I think our love, and we do love each other–we’ve been through too much for too many years not to–is more important than winning.

What do you think? Have you spoken a verse, or silently prayed a verse and had an instant result? Isn’t it a delight and encouragement to your faith?

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