Sadly, farm life is quickly becoming a thing of the past…Jim Zee of Vermont Verse captures that life here in his post. It’s just too good not to share–(Jesus would want me to!)


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  1. Hi Joy

    I’m a bit confused about this one. Are you advocating listening to coyotes, or shooting. We have very different views on guns this side of “The Pond”.


    • I would hear coyotes at night and it would scare me (I was alone a lot of nights because my husband was gone driving a truck all over the U.S.) Shooting the 22 rifle was a completely different topic (sorry, I worded it confusingly). I liked shooting the 22 rifle, but I just shot at bottles, cans, a target, no animals–I don’t hunt. I liked shooting it because it was such an easy gun to use–it was fun.

      • last time I shot an air rifle (30 odd years ago) I was aiming at metal disc thrown into the air, my shooting was so poor that I nearly took my mates ear off! The local crows still walked around the field confident they were safe – and we couldn’t have hit them if we tried.

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