Ready for the Easter Bunny?

I saw an acquaintance the other day and she asked, “Are you ready for the Easter Bunny?”Ā  And I stopped and thought, and said, “No, but I’m ready to celebrate Christ’s resurrection!”

Have a blessed Easter. I’ll be back next week with an awesome little story of a prayer that God answered for me.



8 thoughts on “Ready for the Easter Bunny?

  1. AMEN…what has a CHOCOLATE BUNNY…and searching Eggs..have to do with a RISEN SAVIOUR WHO REDEEMED those who trust in his shed blood!

    We REJOICE in the day of resurrection….more than all days!!

    To many people are steeped into tradition that they forget THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON…HE AROSE!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

    THANKS for a great writing.

  2. Great picture šŸ™‚
    And a good response – Happy Resurrection Day for tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about your answered prayer,
    God bless,
    Ali (GodGirl)

  3. Chocolate covered marshmallow Easter eggs, YUM.
    This is one tradition I will definitely not criticize, I so love Easter eggs. Yes I know they have nothing to do with Jesus hanging on a cross to pay our debt, but children love Easter eggs and all the excitement that goes with the hunt, and Jesus loved children, me too. I grew up with Easter egg hunts, and believe me, with five kids in the family, you had to be really quick. My children also grew up with the same tradition and here we all are, in adulthood, giving praise and thanks to God and his son 365 days a year. That works for me.
    If you don’t want your Easter eggs, send them to me, I love chocolate. šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to your answered prayer post.
    Bless you my fine feathered American friend, Geoff.

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