Flowers From Mom

I’ve written a few stories that have been published in an on-line magazine, Nebraska Rural Living.  Click on the link below to read about my love for my mother.


9 thoughts on “Flowers From Mom

    • Thank you Joy. My mother and I were so close, we had so much fun and so many laughs together. I often just sit and think of her and some funny incidents, I burst out laughing and then, I wipe away the tears. I can still hear her voice. What a happy reunion we will have.

  1. Interesting. How could anyone live that far from the sea? I had no idea where Nebraska was until now. I clicked a link to see if there were any sales vacancies, and there are. It must so different to Devon and Cornwall.

    • Ha! Just as different as Devon and Cornwall would be to me! I would love to see both places sometime, from what I have read and seen photos of, it is a beautiful place. We do have a sea or prairies, though–as wide open and as far as the eye can see!

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