Be Back In a Jiff…

We’re moving in these next few days, and as soon as we’re settled and re-connected with the World via Internet, I’ll check back. In the meantime, I’m taking notes.



10 thoughts on “Be Back In a Jiff…

  1. Love the pic! Where are you moving to ? This archaic covered wagon reminds me of the archaic KJV. Its time to get back to the good ol’ days of singing the great hymns of the faith, reading out of a literary masterpiece, better known as the KJ and getting back into preaching the old time gospel of the cross of Calvary where Jesus bled and died for wretches such as ourselves..Is there an amen out there?? 🙂

    • AMEN! I love the great hymns of faith–that’s what I was raised on and I personally think they’re the best at “presenting” the Gospel.

      We’re moving to the other side of the state, near family. So you like our “convertible”?

      • A great convertable indeed. I need one of those in my front yard as a garden architecture. Heres an interesting story.
        My brothers daughter is quite a looker and works at a furniture selling outfit based on commission sales. She left her Ipad with another co worker while she attended to a customer. She was only away for a few minutes and when she returned to get her Ipad, it was missing. The other clerk said she didnt know where it was. My bro’s duaghter was furious, so she phoned her hubby who worked in a mill, 75 miles away, and told him her dilemna. The husband, said, dont worry, and told his wife to wait a minute. A minute later the husband told her to go out to the parking lot of her work and look beneath the 3rd vehicle from the left. Sure enough, the daughter found it there.
        The husband had a tracking device installed and with the aid of google maps, pinpointed its location within a few feet. Mind boggling huh??

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