God Likes Coffee

That’s me. EnJoying my coffee. A leisurely cup on a leisurely mid-morning…something I am doing less of, but that’s cool, cause Jesus was working in my life again. He does it all the time, you know, only sometimes it’s really “in my face” and what a joy that is!

I do have a real job you know, writing for www.jrliggettsblog.com. That I get to do from home, and I get to have my mug of coffee and package of Pepperidge Farm Milano Raspberry cookies close at hand. They’re tucked inside my desk drawer: open drawer, cram my hand inside package, grab a cookie… take a bite, take a sip. Life is good.

But it gets better. And here’s where the fun began… a little background music please…Before I moved to this town, I would visit about twice a year, and when I hit the streets, I always stopped in one of the coolest stores in town… a gourmet kitchen store. Cram-packed with quality cookware, kitchen and home decor, gourmet foods, and coffee–lots of coffee. When I opened the door, the fragrance of fresh ground coffee said a delightful hello to my nose…ahhhh.  Then, a feast for the eyes! Every kitchen gadget you could imagine, Le Cruset cookware, Cusinart cookware, fun & bright kitchen serving ware… and one of the best features is the music–Jazz–(instead of the Dreaded Country Western that is so prevalent in this region–just sayin’.)  Browse, admire, taste the coffee sample of the day, engage in a little conversation and soak up a little Jazz. I like Jazz.

Upon moving here, I knew I simply must drop in and enjoy. Entrada: I had a polite conversation with the owner, who knew who I was (he had read about the bank robbery my fame had preceded me…). He assumed I was just in town visiting, and I casually said, “No, I moved here in May.” He said, “Are you looking for work?”  and I thought for a few seconds and said with not a huge amount of enthusiasm, “Um…yeah.”  He said, “Part time or full- time?”  And without any hesitation I said, “Oh, part-time!” (Remember? The coffee? Time to drink the coffee?)  Then he asked, “Would you be interested in working here?”  Well, at that moment, I snapped out of dream mode, and kids, I REALIZED that God was doing something here–right before my very eyes!  I was being offered a job!  I didn’t go looking for it, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t anticipate it… it was just handed to me. People all over America are scrambling for jobs and not succeeding and here… can you believe it?  So, with an awakening awareness of what was unfolding before my tiny eyes, I said, “Yes, I would be interested!”  We set up a time for an “interview”, we met, we made a deal, and without even having to fill out an application, I went to work. And guess what?  I get to drink coffee any time my little heart desires. 

I look back and think of the jobs I did apply for right before and after I moved, and ones I was picking up applications for. Those jobs never panned out. God knew the perfect job for me–in His and my perfect timing. A creative job, colorful, a way to socialize and help people, freshen-up some skills, learn some new things, grind some gourmet coffee, get discounts on merchandise… and the Jazz is thrown in for free.

I know God is always working in my life. And when I listen, observe, and think, that’s what’s fun–watch Him work. See who comes across your path. Watch what happens. He’s there with you, every moment, every step. It is an adventure. He loves you, He has plans.  You may have heard, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey along the way.”  With a Christian, it’s the journey and the destination. I should hope that every day I wake up and face the day with open eyes and wonder… “What do you have in store for me today, Lord?”


The above photo: Nothin’ like a great cup of Joe and some Smooth Jazz to ease into your day whether you’re staying home or going to work!  😉


13 thoughts on “God Likes Coffee

    • Thanx! Isn’t it cool? I enjoy working there, love visiting with customers, grinding the coffee beans, helping customers find what they need, and arranging lots of bright and pretty things in the front window! (So far, I’ve bought 2 springform pans, coffee and a cute little French Coffee Press.)

  1. I love what you say about it being about the journey and the destination, such a great perspective. May we be open to all He has for us in each new day, filled with possibilities.

  2. Hello Joy.
    So we have a few more things in common, coffee and jazz. I really like David Sanborn and Bob James and Since I’ve developed an allergy to Ceylon tea Coffee has become my drink of choice, must be good quality though, just like the jazz.
    When people come to the farm they tend to rush up to the top of the hill to see the view, what they don’t realize is the walk up is far more intriguing and interesting than the view. Me, I like the journey and as far as the destination is concerned, well that’s in God’s hands.
    You have a very interesting life and this post tells about it just perfectly. Blessings to my fine feathered American friend, Geoff.

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