This Is the Day… to shout for joy!

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us reJOYce and be glad in it!             Psalm 118, vs 24.

Are you familiar with Robin Roberts, the anchor for ABC’s “Good Morning America” TV show? She is courageously facing a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. Robin has recently gone through a bone marrow transplant from her sister, and she has an excellent attitude, and judging from her words, a faith in our living God.

As I watched the interview with Robin this past Tuesday, she expressed such joy and thankfulness for her life, and such hope and bravery. She reminded me of the periods when my friend’s cancer prognosis was promising; a very up-beat, positive, forward-looking outlook. Life became somehow “sharper” and “clearer”. The sun was brighter, colors were more vibrant, senses were heightened, life was so much more precious.  Robin has been given a second chance and she is extremely joyful.

As I watched and listened, I had the thought: in reference to “a second chance”, what does Robin have that I don’t have? Well, we could say with confidence, that she most likely has a significant higher income than I, and more material possessions, but really, what does she have that I lack?  Why is it that she is so much more thankful than I am? I came to the realization that I have exactly what Robin Roberts has, only she realizes how blessed she is to have all the “small” things in life that I also have. Why does it take a serious, life-threatening event in our life before we appreciate all we have– yet take for granted– or worse, complain about? I am reminded of the how the Israelites “grumbled” after leaving Egypt… God was not pleased.

After taking a walk one day, I had the realization that if I have legs, I should use them! I should walk as much as I can and be grateful that I can walk! This carried through to the fact that not only can I move around in my soft, warm bed, I can get out of bed in the morning. I can walk to the bathroom, I can lift my arms, I have teeth to brush, I have toothpaste, I have clothing to put on, I have food to eat. I have a home to keep me warm and sheltered. I have a car, a job to go to. I can talk, I can hear, I can see. I can appreciate the sunrise, the sunset, neighbors, friends, family. I can walk on grass, I can see and smell flowers. My home is safe, my town is (mostly) safe. My car is still working, my fridge is working. I have a husband who works and does for me. I have a phone, I get to see and talk with my grandchildren. I can go to church and receive encouragement from other Christians. What more do I need?  At this point, I only have one more blessing than Robin Roberts has–my health, but am I as filled with joy as she is? She has found the secret, and that is gratefulness to God for all He has given us.

It’s really true… it could be worse…  So many can’t walk, or see, or hear. So many don’t have homes, or jobs, or food.  Please be thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving. And thank the One who sends these blessings.


The above photo: My Grand daughter in her dance recital dress. I love to observe her enjoying life. Every day is a new adventure, every thing to learn, a delight.


6 thoughts on “This Is the Day… to shout for joy!

  1. Joy, good to hear your thoughts. The older I get the more precious the things I used to do as kid seem to become. Just walking on the beach on Sunday was so special, taking pictures of the leaves. I love these simple things we could so easily take for granted.

  2. We in our family are thankful for every day and it hasn’t always been so… 19 years ago when my wife was diagnosed with her first cancer, it became obvious that thanks for everyday was a necessity… her second, third and fourth diagnoses of different cancers have driven the point home… so yes we greet every day on a thankful note and enter sleep in the same way… God blesses us with every new day to continue living no matter what the circumstances and to be grateful for what we have, be it a lot or a little…

  3. Hi Joy.
    We are all immortal until our own personal mortality stares us in the face, then we seem to wake up. Some of us are given this opportunity before we die, those are the blessed, the encouragers, the witnesses. Been there, done that. Thank you lord for the wake up call. And thank you Joy for being one who hears what those witnesses are testifying to, the blessings of the living God.

  4. Great post. Gratitude is so liberating, and there is always something to be thankful for isn’t there, often just starting with the fact we can move our legs to walk. Inspiring thoughts 🙂

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