If we let Him

J.Richter 2013She slowly and unsteadily walked into the store, a cane in her left hand. Her eyes were slightly red-rimmed, and I immediately sensed that perhaps she was not blessed with complete eyesight. She said she lived north of town and didn’t make it in very often. She was wanting some coffee, so I mentioned our new flavors, reading the names and descriptions.  As I weighed and bagged her selection, I thought of her age and asked how long she had lived in her present location.  “Eighty-four years” she said with a smile, “I live on the farm I grew up on.” She revealed that she only had peripheral vision in her right eye and could see only out of a small area of her left eye. “When the doctor told me I had to sell my car, I just hated it! It was one of the hardest things I had to deal with in my life.”

We were the only two in the store, so I felt free to ask; “I bet you’ve experienced a lot of life…”  She began to share a story about her long ago deceased husband:  “He was in such terrible pain… we went to the doctor and the diagnosis was ‘mental sickness’.  Well, we knew that wasn’t true, but you know, since that was the diagnosis, all his medical bills were paid! We came back home with him still in such pain, and when we finally made it to another doctor, we found that his pancreas was quickly deteriorating… cancer. Within two weeks I was alone with two young children to raise. I tried to farm for two years with the help of my 10-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. I didn’t know it then, but those were my healing years…”

I began to share with her my fears of old age; “What will happen to me? Where will I live? What will I do? Who will take care of me?”  She replied, “One day at a time, one day at a time.”  And then, she uttered the most profound statement:  “God will take care of you if you let Him.”

Isn’t that the key?  God will take care of us if we let Him! How quickly and how soon we run off and try to do things ourselves, try to force issues, try to ‘do’ without asking  and waiting on God. Impatient, floundering, filled with worry, confused and not at peace, when what we should be doing is merely waiting on God and resting in his arms. I have to keep reminding myself to wait, and listen for God’s direction.  I know He will take care of me, if I will just let Him.

Her purchase total was $5.50, and as she handed me a ten-dollar bill asking if that was enough, she told me that now her son and his family live on the home farm with her. “They help me how they can and I help them how I can… I keep telling my grandchildren that you have to ask God into your heart… He won’t enter in unless you ask him.”

J.Richter 2012Such a quiet, accepting strength she has!  What a solid, strong wisdom these old Christians have! I think we need to  hear more from them of how God has been faithful all the years of their lives. It could be such an encouragement to those who have not yet faced trials or who have yet to face more trials… in other words, all of us.



8 thoughts on “If we let Him

  1. Very interesting and completely true. How fortunate for you to have that time with her. I’ve missed your posts, Joy. Glad to hear from you again. Aside from the obvious love of the subject matter you relate, Your way of writing it is good, too.

  2. What a wonderful reminder that it is always a choice the Lord gives to us…will we let Him? He is trustworthy, willing, and more than able…but will we let Him? It is our loss if we say no, and how often we do just that! Thank you for sharing this, Joy, and may it remind all of us to encourage each other just as this saint encouraged you.

  3. This is a lovely share and reminder to us all… to put our lives in the hands of the LOrd and he shall guide us… but are we not all guilty of trying to hurry him along.? to spped up the process, instead of allowing him to lead us to where he had planned for us…

  4. Hello Joy.
    Long time since I’ve read any of your posts, but I did keep them in my e-mail so I would be able to when I got the chance.
    I’m guilty of not letting the Lord help me too, not rushing, just the opposite. That’s got to change and this post has confirmed what I’ve been thinking about all morning. Time for a change.
    Blessings my fine feathered American friend, Geoff.

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