“Toto, we’re not in Eden anymore!”

'Perfect' raspberries and lavender.  J.Richter

‘Perfect’ raspberries and lavender. J.Richter

While leisurely sipping my coffee the other morning on our back patio, I slowly looked around at our yard, house, fence, garden, and realized how we continually try to make things perfect. Husband fertilizes, cuts, and trims the grass, yet weeds still crop up– seemingly just to annoy us. Vines he sprayed with Round-Up find new vigor to climb the fence. Weeds pop up in the gravel drive, paint peels on the house, the cement patio cracks, and unwelcome bugs attack our garden vegetables.

I told my husband, “Earth is no place for a perfectionist”, yet he and I keep banging our heads against the wall striving and trying. Okay, maybe since we’re older and a little bit slower, we don’t try as hard as we did 10-15 years ago. We’ve also seen that the pursuit of perfection here on earth is pretty much like chasing after the wind.

I thought about how we as humans fight the battle of aging: wrinkles, graying hair, disease, loss of strength, worn teeth, diminished eyesight and hearing. We are continually trying to get back to Eden, the Garden of Eden, where before the Fall of Man, everything was perfect. Adam was young, strong, virile and wasn’t follicle-challenged. Eve had lovely, supple skin, perfect teeth, and hair and figure that would have been coveted by even the most beautiful Hollywood actress. This was one smokin’ hot couple!

And then… The Fall.  Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore… we’re not even in Eden! The game has changed, the jig is up, no more ‘same old, same old’. We’re dealing on a different plane here, where try as we might, with every bit of strength we have and with every dollar in our bank account, we just aren’t going to make life perfect. Trials, disappointments, accidents, heartbreak, death. The cars break down, the house deteriorates, and as Husband pointed out (while he sat in his chair trying to regain some strength after a long work day), “the earth will wear out like a garment”.  One day it will be time to hang up this old earth and break out a new one.

Vanity of vanities! Chasing after the wind to perfect life here on earth. It won’t happen, yet we try in every imaginable way. We hope for perfect happiness in life, on vacations, with possessions. We are simply setting ourselves up for disappointment, for perfection is only found in God and heaven where He dwells.  Heaven is ‘the’ place for perfectionists… no more sorrow, no more house repairs!



4 thoughts on ““Toto, we’re not in Eden anymore!”

  1. Amen and I agree…yet we all do that as we all try to have the perfect everything….and I truly understand as WB and I are like you and your husband with perfection…we are both that way…it is good that we are as we can work together but like you we try and work and try some more only to never have things perfectly right and done!!! Eden will be beautiful beyond our wildest dreams:)

  2. Your little piece reminds me of one of the best testimonies I ever heard. A wealthy Australian business man pinched a Gideon New Testament from his wife’s hand bag, and despite beyond wealthy beyond belief this book stopped him in his tracks. He would talk to presidents and prime ministers as a matter of course, helped put a new roof on the local cathedral but not once did hear the word of God when he attended a ceremony to honour his contribution. That small book of Ecclesiastes led him to the Saviour, and he gave everything up (much to his family’s horror). Testimonies, they are so powerful and a great encouragement to those who’ve been on the narrow road so long.

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