The Last Bite

Black-eyed Susans  HWY 281

I keep thinking I won’t post unless God shows me something really big, something earth-shattering, something Red Sea Parting worthy. But God shows us little things too, and those might be the easiest to miss, which in turn, makes it easy to think God isn’t around or might not be as big as He claims to be. So I’d like to share about a small thing, as small things make up the necessary parts of Big Things.

On the surface, it seems quite simple, perhaps nothing out of the ordinary, but huge, huge, to me, to my little second marriage heart. I have a husband, and one time he did something that astounded me. We were eating together at home, there was just a small amount of meat left on the serving plate, and he gave it to me. There, that’s it. But this is why it’s so big, why it meant so much.

"Please Sir, I want some more..."

“Please Sir, I want some more…”

When I was growing up in our family of 4 children and a mother and father, my dad got the first and last pickings of meat. If there was some left, he got first dibs. Even if one of us kids would have liked to have had more food, he got what was left. I even got in trouble once for asking for more creamed ham on toast! Damn! Who was I, Oliver Twist? I digress.

So my husband gave me the last bite, and he consistently offers me the best piece, the first helping, the only helping… “No, you go ahead and take it, I’m good…”  I’m talking about selflessness here. There was an instance with my first husband when I was telling him about a newspaper account of a plane crash and the husband saved the wife, telling her the children needed her, but he perished. Selflessness. First husband then said, “I’d crawl over you to get out of the plane”. I thought he was kidding, but I realized later he wasn’t. Selfishness.

Some share, some give of themselves, some put others first. And some don’t. It makes me feel special to be placed first. I didn’t have that before. God showed me with a simple little action what I had been missing, but really couldn’t put my finger on until that evening meal with second husband.

God made the ultimate selfless move by giving up His son as a sacrifice… “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son…”   John 3:16


Top Photo:  Black Eyed Susans; taken along the highway; so easy to miss, but placed there for our enjoyment.