All That After-Christmas Hoopla

All is calm, all is bright...

All is calm, all is bright…

The snow is melting this Christmas day. Husband and I are readying the home for visitors who will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Laundry, organizing, making the grocery list, planning meals, cleaning, and carpenter Husband is putting the finishing touches on the downstairs guest bedroom. I hear drilling, vacuuming, and furniture being pushed across the floor.

So much to do, but as I breezed through our living area, I noticed the beautiful sunshine filling the south corner of the room. Yes, we are being quite active on a day that I would like to put my feet up and rest, but tasks await. Still, I took pause at such a lovely, relaxing, peaceful sight. Sigh… maybe just for a few moments…

I’ve already noticed the after Christmas blow-out sales advertisements, the push for diets, exercise, turning over a new leaf, decluttering, organizing, etc. According to the decorating web sites, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with red on anything… everything that screams ‘Christmas’ will soon be out the door.

For now, I’ll try to keep calm and carry on. Soon, the house will be deserted, extended family on their way back home, the sounds of children silenced; floors to sweep, crumbs to clean up. Life will return to its normalcy, whatever that may be. That chair and the sunshine is calling me… maybe, just for a few minutes… pick up that book you are reading… enjoy the moment…  Merry Christmas everyone.



2 thoughts on “All That After-Christmas Hoopla

  1. Simple pleasures like appreciating how the light falls are greater than most gift wrapped presents.
    My best present this year was having a house full, but with room to spare (if you know what I mean).
    I’d still like to see the giving of presents part of Christmas ditched altogether, or at best a £5.00 limit set (per gift).

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