Sisters In Christ

rose cup

Last Saturday I joined approximately 60+ other ladies for a tea at a local church. We have been to this church several times, and in an attempt to meet other ladies and hopefully make friends, I signed up to attend this mid morning brunch and program. I do not ‘know’ any ladies at this church, other than to smile and say “hello” when I see them.

As I entered the room, I glanced around… no familiar faces of course! Years ago, I wouldn’t have been so brave, but I figured, well, I have a brain, I have a voice, I have value, I can talk and act like a civilized person, so here I am folks! Let the blessings flow!

While sitting at a table, I had a realization: even though I knew no one or anyone’s name, and didn’t even recognize anyone’s face from just being around town, we all had a huge common denominator… we were Sisters in Christ.  We could have been anywhere, and we would know where each other was ‘coming from’. We would all be starting off on the same foot, we would all have the same basic knowledge and within varying degrees, the same viewpoint. We would all acknowledge that Jesus is God, and that He was sent to save the world–sinners–people just like you and me. By His death upon the cross– He was perfect, God could not have used a blemished sacrifice– He took the punishment for our sins, triumphed over death–rose from the grave–ALIVE! and walked the earth for hundreds to see.  Being Sisters in Christ, we start from ‘here’, ‘Ground Zero’ so to speak. We start from the saving faith that Jesus is God.

When I was small child, my mother, brothers and I would visit my Grandmother who was a Christian. She, along with our other relatives, were life-long attendees of a Pentecostal church. One thing I found to be ‘strange’ and a bit humorous (I was a wild child, a little sinner back then), was that the church members referred to each other as ‘Sister So and So or Brother So and So’.  “Sister Mavis was telling me…” or, “Brother Harold walked to the front…” ‘Brothers’ and ‘Sisters’ in Christ! I didn’t realize until years later why these people were referred to that way.

We have a bond with fellow Christians. We’re going to have the same world view and basically come to the same conclusions and agreements. Brothers and Sisters in Christ should and can get along. The cool thing is that I could meet up with any Christian, anywhere in the world, and we would be on the same wave length. We’d find joy and fulfillment in reading God’s word and in worshiping the Lord in our individual ways. Even though God made each one of us a unique person, we still have our basic belief system to connect us as in no other way.

Do I have friends who are not Brothers and Sisters in Christ? Yes. I like them and even love them for the individuals that they are. They all bring something to the table of life; different interests, different viewpoints, different levels of friendship commitments. But the deep, instantly familiar connection is lacking–there is a void that exists–the sheep are separate from the goats!

When I met those other women this past Saturday, there was an unspoken instant acceptance of me. When we are a part of God’s family, words are not needed.



2 thoughts on “Sisters In Christ

  1. Back when I worked for bigger UK companies by colleagues could never get their head’s around the fact that I had friends just about everywhere we ever had a meeting, and that I was often able to avoid the hotels and get off and see them rather than sit around the bar after work.

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