Rethinking Charlie Hebdo

I was shocked and appalled at the recent murderous attack by Muslims on the French satirical ‘newspaper’, Charlie Hebdo.  I also made a comment on a blog pretty much agreeing with the ‘Je suis Charlie’ line of thinking, but after a few foggy days of thinking, the clouds blew away and I recalled that this publication has also in the past, mocked Christianity and Jews. Am I making an excuse for the Muslim attack on the writers and illustrators? No. Do I think, as some Christians have stated, that God allowed the attacks? Interesting thought, and to that I would say “it’s possible”, but actually, I have no idea.

My point is, I’ve changed my mind; as a Christian, I’m not aligned with Charlie Hebdo, and to use what small amount of college French I learned in 6 weeks, I would say “Non!” to the idea that I support that blasphemous publication. Frankly, it appears as if it has no redeeming value. Yep, judging a publication by it’s cover here.

No links to Internet articles here, you can do a search and find them all on your own. Reading through some of them myself, my mind became weary and I developed a headache.