Rethinking Charlie Hebdo

I was shocked and appalled at the recent murderous attack by Muslims on the French satirical ‘newspaper’, Charlie Hebdo.  I also made a comment on a blog pretty much agreeing with the ‘Je suis Charlie’ line of thinking, but after a few foggy days of thinking, the clouds blew away and I recalled that this publication has also in the past, mocked Christianity and Jews. Am I making an excuse for the Muslim attack on the writers and illustrators? No. Do I think, as some Christians have stated, that God allowed the attacks? Interesting thought, and to that I would say “it’s possible”, but actually, I have no idea.

My point is, I’ve changed my mind; as a Christian, I’m not aligned with Charlie Hebdo, and to use what small amount of college French I learned in 6 weeks, I would say “Non!” to the idea that I support that blasphemous publication. Frankly, it appears as if it has no redeeming value. Yep, judging a publication by it’s cover here.

No links to Internet articles here, you can do a search and find them all on your own. Reading through some of them myself, my mind became weary and I developed a headache.



4 thoughts on “Rethinking Charlie Hebdo

  1. Freedom of speech is an interesting notion.

    In the UK we can say or think anything as long as it isn’t politically incorrect, or rooted in Biblical teaching.

    Our leaders are happy to promote any trendy new idea, but won’t stand up for the traditional idea of family, or husband and wife.

    Nobody is prepared to call a spade a spade, and the effort spent in mollifying the people groups from which these “terrorist groups” spring from is incredible.

    I never heard of a Jewish terrorist, even though they have been persecuted for thousands of years.

    There’s a fine line between artist expression and plain vulgarity, although the latter seems increasingly popular.

  2. I agree whole heartedly, Charlie Hebdo does not deserve my support. Violence and murder? No not acceptable, saying you disagree = freedom of speech.

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