When You Just Know It…


I’ll admit, these events are rare in my life, but nonetheless, when they do occur, it increases my faith in our loving, living God.

Years back, when I was a sad single lady (nearly divorced) and working in a small, family owned business (owned by a wonderful, kind woman),Joy, Shirley, Diana I became friends with my co-worker Diana, also divorced. Diana helped me navigate the dangerous and frightening waters of divorce: appearances in court, lawyer’s fees, issues with soon-to-be ex-husbands and hurting and angry children. I know now that God put Diana in my path, in fact, God not only put Diana in my life, He also put my boss, the job– all of it in my path. He worked it out perfectly. Yes, we can trust Him.

We can look back in our lives and see how the hand of God was working, it’s even cooler when we can see it happening right in front of our eyes. Those are the times and the days that help us see our purpose in life and how our life is divinely interwoven with others.

Fast forward 20 years: Diana, my former boss, and myself are still friends. The years make friends and friendships more precious, don’t they? Diana was visiting friends and family in my town, and we met up for coffee. After visiting a bit, we ventured on to another location, and then we both thought of our former boss. Was she home? We thought we’d call and find out. Diana gave her a ‘jingle’ (that’s what Diana always called it), but the kind woman’s phone was busy. “Should we just chance it and run by her house?” Yes. We arrived and knocked on her door… she opened it and was talking on the phone… happy and surprised to see us, motioned us to come on in. She continued talking on the phone, we could tell something was wrong from the tone of her voice… I said to Diana, “I wonder if her brother died?” (He had been unwell, the kind lady had shared her difficulties with me in the past.)

Yes, her brother had just died that morning, and we showed up at her door just a few hours later– friends re-united once again — to comfort her in her shock and sorrow. The Three Musketeers together again–God ordained years ago, God ordained now! Diana turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, “Joy, do you realize what is happening here?”  Yes Diana, I do. God is working at this very moment in time, He is allowing us to see His hand in our interwoven lives — a rare, tiny glimpse of ‘The Big Picture’. He brought us together to comfort our good, kind, long-time friend.

The kind woman welcomed us into her house, and gave both of us hugs. Tears all around — the sense and feeling of our Lord’s presence was palatable, electric, exciting, yet calm and comforting at the same time.

It was decided that we three would go out and have lunch together. We knew the kind lady wanted to talk, to share, to grieve, even to celebrate a life that was now mercifully at peace. We ministered to her heart, and we knew, we absolutely knew that God had planned all this to bring us together to comfort a long time friend, and perhaps to increase our individual levels of faith. We had been given a gift from God that day.

For such a time as this… for such a time as this! How many ‘times as this’ are we even aware of? We may not be aware of how certain events or friendships, or acquaintances are God ordained — they probably all are! We must try to open our hearts with love, kindness, understanding, for we know not what others may be going through. And trust… trust in God for your life, your choices, decisions, actions. Seek Him, and keep your eyes open for instances when He may want to reveal Himself to you!


You may be interested in reading the book of Esther (only 10 chapters!) and learning about Esther’s own, ‘such a time as this’. 


6 thoughts on “When You Just Know It…

  1. God’s word states in Jeremiah 29 verse 11, “I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.”
    Nice to see you posting again, I’ve missed you. Your ffaf.

  2. We meed to be careful that we never miss out on The Spirit’s calling. I think I’m getting better at hearing his prompts. Although we have to be in a “place” which allows His call to get through – we are often too busy to hear.

  3. Oh, I just love this. I am at a pt. in my life where I can’t see the distant future and I’m trusting that God has the headlamp. That he is seeing where I am not and leading the way. Beautiful post.

    • oh, I am glad this spoke to you, thank you. My desire is to share what God is doing in my life and praying and hoping that perhaps it will help someone some way! BTW, I can’t see the distant future either! ha!

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