Who Does God Bring Into Our Lives?

This morning I thought of an event that happened to me years ago. I had a large flower garden with entirely more flowers than I could ever enjoy, and I had the idea of sharing these flowers with others. It’s a very simple idea really; cut bouquets and give them to someone who might appreciate them.

There was a nursing home in this town, and I thought of all the ladies there who may have had flower gardens when they lived in their homes–the homes they had to leave when they could no longer take care of themselves or the house. I can only imagine what strength and resignation it must take to acknowledge that this move will be their last. Don’t think that aged people are weak; yes, perhaps weak in a physical sense, but strong and enduring in an emotional sense because of what they have had to cope with and overcome in their long lives. They are to be honored.

I went through my garden cutting a few flowers; Iris, Peony, Bridal Wreath Spiraea, and filling in here and there with interesting greenery. I placed the bouquet in a clean jar of water, and drove to the nursing home. I didn’t know who I would give the bouquet to, so I asked God to show me whose heart needed this gift today.mom's iris

As I walked down the hallway, I would quickly peek into a room. I stopped at one room, noticing a woman who reminded me of my mother who had died a few years prior. Was this who needed some encouragement today?  I asked the lady, “Do you like flowers?” She replied, “Oh, I love flowers! Look!” And there in her very small shared room was a bookcase filled with a circus of color–arrangements of plastic flowers in various decorative containers. Yes, I think this is ‘the one’.

She and I sat and visited for a few moments talking about flowers and family. She mentioned she had a son who lived in the state where I grew up. She said, “It’s very far away, so he only sees me at Christmas.” My silent thought was, “and who sees you the rest of the year?  Who sees you on Mother’s Day, in the spring, the summer, the fall? Who comes to visit you all the other days of your life?”

Who does God bring into our lives and why? We may never know the answer this side of heaven, but the peace that comes with obeying a prompting without knowing the ‘why’ or the outcome, is reward enough.





8 thoughts on “Who Does God Bring Into Our Lives?

  1. What a beautiful story, Joy! A friend of mine, going through a divorce and spending Christmas by herself, asked God what she could do for someone on Christmas Day. She ended up taking baked goodies to someone who would have had no extra goodies for her children for Christmas. Yes, God does lead us to the lonely and abandoned! Lovely story. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Helloooooooooooooo Joy. So good to hear from you after such a loooooooooong time.
    You know I have many stories of being led or prompted. One instance springs to mind in particular.
    One day I was on the farm where I used to live in Cape Town, I hadn’t had any company for months and was feeling very down. I was walking around in the open veld praying to the lord, or should I rather say crying out to him, asking for him to send someone to get hold of me. Anyone but maybe someone completely unexpected like Marie with whom I hadn’t had any contact for about a year or so. Well nothing happened. The next day I got a call from Marie telling me I had been on her mind the whole of the previous day, she didn’t know why. I told her about my lonely day and my prayer, she was amazed, I was too.
    I like your story more, it’s always good to obey this kind of prompting and you remember it for the rest of your life as a bonus.
    Blessings my good friend and don’t be so scarce, Geoff.

    • Helloooooooooo My Fine Feathered Afrikan Friend… I think I remember you writing that story about asking God to send a friend. At least it wasn’t a snake… 😉 I really wish you were back in a rural area, I just think it was where you thrived. Shelly’s wedding soon? Staying safe in JHB?

  3. Good to see the grey cells are still working – surely this sort of exploit should be the sort of life we lead every day, week, month, year? Pity we find the tedium of every day life take cover.

    • Yes, the gray matter is still alive and well (at this point). 😉 We can work in those ‘special moments’ during our days, it doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Even helping an oldster with a small task is a good thing.

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