Day-Refresher/Mind Cleanser: Nature


Clematis in the alley.

Sometimes it takes inspiration from another blogger to get one’s self going again. Craig over at Fishink’s blog* had just spent a lovely English day out and about observing nature. What a refreshment and fresh breath of air! He gave me the motivation to hop on my trusty (and rusty in places!) bike and go for a spin down a few alley ways, and around a few corners to look for simple signs of God’s creation. In the midst of all the clatter and chatter in our lives, I find it grounding to stop and smell the roses, or the zinnias, or the hollyhocks…   Be prepared for quite a few photos.

Clematis and Morning Glory

Clematis and Morning Glory

I’ve always preferred alley ways to streets; less traffic, more interesting, but alas, watch out for the dogs that often seem as if they will be launching themselves over the backyard fences…  I’m really not interested in being bit!

Zinnias along J Street

Zinnias along busy J Street.

Every summer these seem to pop up out of nowhere along a very busy street… I’ve seen this same flower growing along the sides of a local nursing home and I’ve thought that someone (someone!) should cut bouquets and place them inside the nursing home, inside the rooms… bring the outdoor color in, add some color to life, add some life to a person… bring a smile, bring some hope, bring some peace.


I rode on, noticing the fine blades of grass waving in a breeze and the yellow leaves (resembling a school of fish!) haphazardly within the blades.


Crossing the street, turning a corner into another alley to find an interesting gate…


with an interesting ‘lock’.


A peaceful view down the sidewalk…


and a door that makes me wish I could take a peek inside this house…


One time I did knock on this door and asked the owner could I please cut just a few of her Iris (‘Flags’) to place on my Mother’s grave on Mother’s Day? She said yes.


I like the old, historic touches I find here and there: a gable, a shutter, a stained glass window, an old iron fence… (just a few more photos to go!)


Sunflowers signaling the end of summer…


Holly hocks brightening up the rear of a building…


And back home to our vegetable garden still producing tomatoes; we are enjoying these last delicious gifts of summer.


For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

This little bike-jaunt/nature nurturing brought me back down to earth, to God’s earth, where He is in control, where He knows all and sees all. We may have wars and disease, hurts and disappointments, tragedy, sorrow. Yet, knowing God can give us the calmness, peace, hope and courage to face these daily issues.

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…”   From the hymn, ‘The Solid Rock’ by Edward Mote.

*Fishink’s Blog is a groovy, arty, creative, refreshing, stimulating blog! An art blog featuring Craig’s whimsical art and guest artists. Illustration, color, design, and inspiration fuel the day! Check it out!